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18 November 2017

Germany Bans Children's Smartwatches

The German telecoms regulator urged parents to destroy
children's smartwatches
Germany bans children's smartwatches
by Jane Wakefield, Technology reporter, BBC News, 17 November 2017

A German regulator has banned the sale of smartwatches aimed at children, describing them as spying devices.

It had previously banned an internet-connected doll called, My Friend Cayla, for similar reasons.

Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency urged parents who had such watches to destroy them.

One expert said the decision could be a "game-changer" for internet-connected devices.

"Poorly secured smart devices often allow for privacy invasion. That is really concerning when it comes to kids' GPS tracking watches - the very watches that are supposed to help keep them safe," said Ken Munro, a security expert at Pen Test Partners.

"There is a shocking lack of regulation of the 'internet of things', which allows lax manufacturers to sell us dangerously insecure smart products.

Changing the Frame

Changing the Frame
DAW, grassrootsinfo.blogspot.ch, 24 August 2015

I’m a fan of linguistic expert Dr. George Lakoff, and of his profound little book Don’t Think of an Elephant. His logic about how to frame communications is so powerful and so simple it astounds me that more people don’t get it.

Lakoff’s central theme (with apologies to GL for my inelegantly expressed version of his thesis) is that if you want to convince someone of your argument, you need to frame it in a way that fits their understanding of the world.

Many people in the advocacy world believe that if they simply present the “facts” with enough fervor and volume, their opponents will eventually capitulate. No, says Lakoff, forget that. That almost never works.

Instead, try to frame your argument using words and phrases that trigger a response in your audience that puts you both in the same thought framework.

Our BabySafe Project (www.babysafeproject.org) is a prime example.

17 November 2017

Vietnamese Teenager Dies after Being Electrocuted by iPhone Cable in Her Sleep

Vietnamese teenager dies after being electrocuted by iPhone cable in her sleep
by Aris Folley, AOL.com, 16 November 2017

A 14-year-old girl reportedly died after being electrocuted while charging her iPhone 6.

According to the Independent, Le Thi Xoan was found unconscious by her parents with her phone lying beside her in their home in the Vietnamese region of Ha Tinh.

The teenager is believed to have rolled over her phone charging cable, which police described as frayed and "broken down," and was exposed to the live wire.

Le Thi Xoan (Facebook)

Local police Chief Tran Anh Son said the girl's parents rushed her to a nearby hospital immediately after discovering her unconscious. Medics were unable to revive the teenager and pronounced her dead shortly after.

Doctors were also able to confirm her cause of death was by electrocution.

Global Action ALERT! Sign on to the International Letter of Support for New U.S. Ban Asbestos Bill

This is a call to sign the letter of international support for the Ban Asbestos now act before the U.S. Senate by 1st December 2017. Anyone in the world may sign this joint letter urging the U.S. Senate leadership to pass this bill so that it can be signed into law (just click after ADD YOUR NAME HERE in the text below). Asbestos claims the lives of an estimated 200,000 worldwide every year. In the U.S., asbestos imports doubled in 2016, and the national mesothelioma death rate has gone up, too. Despite this, the U.S. is the only industrialized Western nation yet to ban this known carcinogen. 

I have a personal stake in this issue. My beloved companion died in 2009 from mesothelioma resulting from exposure to asbestos.  Linda Reinstein, the advocate for this action, is the widow of Alan Reinstein who died from mesothelioma in 2006.

Global Action ALERT! Sign on to the International Letter of Support for New U.S. Ban Asbestos Bill
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, 16 November 2017

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is working fast and hard to build continued support for S.2072, the Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2017 (ARBAN), the ban asbestos bill introduced in the Senate on Nov. 2. View the official bill online here.

As part of this effort, we are asking our U.S. and international allies to sign on to a joint letter urging the U.S. Senate leadership to swiftly pass ARBAN so that it can be signed into law and start saving lives.


Mobile Phones Cause Lethal Type of Brain Cancer, Major Study Expected to Declare

Mobile phones cause lethal type of brain cancer, major study expected to declare
by Bryan Hubbardwddty.com, 13 November 2017

An important study into the safety of mobile (cell) phones is expected to report early next year that the devices can trigger the most lethal form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) will shortly release the full results of its $25m research project that involved exposing laboratory mice and rats to 10-minute bursts of cell-phone radiation for two years.

In an early release of the initial findings, the NTP researchers discovered that brain tumours had developed in the male rats, and that DNA in their brains had been damaged—something that sceptics have said was not biologically possible.

Anticipating the full results, some academics are already calling for a reclassification of mobile phone radiation as a definite carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) in humans. Dr Anthony B Miller, a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, stated at a lecture last month: "The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored."

Gadgets Cause Brain Cancer in Toddlers

Sub Division of Gynecology Oncology Department Obgin of
Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Dr. Toto Imam SpOG (K).
Gadgets Cause Brain Cancer in Toddlers
en.netralnews.com, Indonesia (West Java), 
16 November 2017

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sub Division of Gynecology Oncology Department Obgin of Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Dr. Toto Imam SpOG (K) said toddlers who use electronic devices (gadgets) directly to their ears can develop brain cancer.

According to Toto, this happens due to the radiation beam rays from the device that is so strong for toddlers. Simply put, radiation from a device can pass through the ear to the entire brain region of a toddler.

UK Intelligence Agencies Face Surveillance Claims in European Court

The cases raise questions about the way GCHQ (above),
MI5 and MI6 share surveillance material with the US and
other foreign governments. 
Photo: Barry Batchelor/PA
UK intelligence agencies face surveillance claims in European court
by Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent, The Guardian, 7 November 2017

Civil rights groups bring first major legal challenge since Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelation

The first major challenge to the legality of UK intelligence agencies intercepting private communications in bulk, following Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations, is due to be heard by the European court of human rights (ECHR).

Three separate British cases brought by civil rights groups will be considered together by seven judges in Strasbourg on Tuesday, raising questions about the way GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 share surveillance material with the United States and other foreign governments.

One of the claims, brought by an alliance of 10 human rights organisations, has been considered by the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT) in London, which takes some of its evidence in secret.

California: Lawsuits Claim Faulty PG&E Smart Meters Started House Fires

Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires
abc30.com, 17 November 2017

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --It can happen in a flash. Fiery videos posted to YouTube by several homeowners show fires they blame on smart meters. Jose Valdez does not have the video of the fire at his Firebaugh home in September 2015, but he thinks this is basically what happened. The fire spread across his driveway and back towards the bedrooms in his home.

"It was pretty scary. I mean, I have two little girls, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old at the time. They were all scared," said Valdez.

Valdez and his family ran out and firefighters had already started pouring water on the house.
He noticed several PG&E employees got there almost as quickly, and he says one of them removed the smart meter while the firefighters worked. Firebaugh's fire chief saw it too.

16 November 2017

iPhone X and Freezing Weather: Can Smartphones Die in the Bitter Cold?

Tony Stein, who works an information security analyst in Anchorage... Stein says he doesn't generally do anything out of the ordinary to protect his phone from frigid Alaska temperatures. He does what most of us do. He keeps the phone in his pocket whenever possible. Your best defense is likely to be your own body heat. 

NEVER KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR POCKET!! Your best defense to protect yourself from RF radiation is to keep the phone at a distance from your body. And here, this poor guy is protecting his phone from the cold by putting it in his pocket!

iPhone X and freezing weather: Can smartphones die in the bitter cold?
by Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY, 15 November 2017

Some of Apple's $1,000-plus iPhone X's didn't work immediately when the temperature dropped. Sounds alarming, right?

(Photo:  Fort Kent Outdoor Center)
Apple's promise of a software update to its latest phone, to fix a problem reported by some users that they don't respond when suddenly exposed to frigid weather, raises the question of whether these increasingly sophisticated devices are rugged enough for extreme temperatures.

It turns out most major manufacturers, including Apple, suggest their devices work best in the climate our bodies also prefer — and when it gets frigid, to turn the phone off (and head inside).

That seems like a tall order for phone owners where it regularly slips to the single digits or worse. So we asked cell-phone repair shops in Canada and Alaska this question: Can it get too cold to run smartphones?

It is the “battery, battery, battery,” that is most vulnerable to the elements, says Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Death of Us - How We Sell Out Our Kids

Opinion: The death of us — how we sell out our kids
by CALVIN WHITE, Opinion, vancouversun.com, 10 September 2017

Our chidren's world is the one they relate to on their
gadgets.  NAM Y. HUH / AP
We are in the vortex of an epidemic, and a generation is dying. But you won’t read a Centre for Disease Control or Public Health announcement declaring it so. At least not until it’s too late. While fentanyl deservedly gets the acute alarm that growing numbers of corpses usually evokes, the non-physical and less-quantifiable mental and emotional dying of our young from the addictive relationship with technology receives a shrug of the shoulders. One reason is that with fentanyl we don’t insist on studies or research to prove anything because our direct experience overrides that academic routine. Another reason is because the dying is bit by bit in terms of intellectual and emotional functioning rather than a less-deniable physical atrophy.

Cellphone EMF-Blocking Products Put In A Real World Test

Electrical Engineer and EMF Specialist Michael Neuert of the EMF Center says shielding is tricky. “In most cases, the shields, when used in the correct way, will reduce your exposure significantly. But under the right circumstances, they can actually make things worse.”

With or without products, Neuert says, the best way to reduce exposure is to increase your distance and decrease your length of use. Or better yet, keep your phone in airplane mode as often as you can. Neuert also recommends using speakerphone over wired headsets. Experts say the wires can still conduct some EMF. However, they recommend wired headsets instead of Bluetooth.

Cellphone EMF-Blocking Products Put In A Real World Test
by Julie Watts, sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com, 14 November 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Whether or not you’re concerned about the “potential” health effects of the radio frequencies emitted by your mobile devices, the sale of RF-blocking products is quickly becoming a lucrative industry.

New York: Life Isn't Easy for Smart Meter Opponents

Life isn’t easy for smart meter opponents
by Paul Smarthudsonvalleyone.com, 14 November 2017

Raji Nevin and Steve Romine
When the New York Public Service Commission recently put out a press release announcing its resolution of a Central Hudson stand-off regarding charging consumers to opt out of use of its ‘smart meters,’ Woodstocker Steve Romine chuckled at the ‘news’ from his Fitzsimmons Lane home that was cut off the grid by the region’s energy monopoly four and a half years ago.

As he would then note in a letter that ran in last week’s Woodstock Times, “Could it be this press release came about because I had just served them with court papers with legal action a couple of days before?”

Mother Who Believes a 'Wi-Fi Allergy' Drove Her 15-Year-Old Daughter to Kill Herself Urges the Removal of Wireless Internet from Schools across Britain

Jennifer Fry
Mother who believes a 'Wi-Fi allergy' drove her 15-year-old daughter to kill herself urges the removal of wireless internet from schools across Britain
16 November 2017

  • Jennifer Fry found hanged in woodland near her home in Oxfordshire, April 2015
  • Inquest heard she was depressed by the suicide of her friend Tom a year earlier
  • But, her mother Debra claimed her allergy to Wi-Fi was reason behind her death
  • Mrs Fry is now campaigning for Wi-Fi to be banned from schools and hospitals

A mother who believes her 15-year-old daughter took her own life because she was 'allergic to Wi-Fi' has called on the Government to ban wireless devices in schools.

Jennifer Fry was found hanged in a woodland near her home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, during April 2015.

The teenager was still wearing her school uniform when she was discovered by her mother Debbie - six months after she had written her first suicide note.

15 November 2017

2016 Non-compliant Smartphones

Among the non-compliant smartphones: Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.  Attention:  these phones are emitting higher levels of radiofrequency radiation than the manufacturers claim, making them a risk to health, especially for children.  

2016 Non-compliant Smartphones 
commentcamarche.net.13 November 2017

These smartphones could probably no longer be sold. Released in 2016, they no longer respect the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).

The electromagnetic radiation measured by SAR is subject to more stringent regulation. Surprising consequence: not very old models of smartphones could not pass the new tests.

This is the case, for example, with smartphones from 2016 such as the Acer Liquid Z330, the Haier E50L, the Wiko Fever, the Microsoft Lumia 650, the Huawei P9 and even old flagships such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. To become compliant, a simple update of the operating system would suffice on many of these models. For others, it would require a hardware replacement and repositioning of the antenna. 

14 November 2017

The Mysterious Illness That Makes Women Allergic to The Modern World

The Mysterious Illness That Makes Women Allergic to The Modern World
by Dominique Sisley, illustrated byLia Kantrowitzbroadly.vice.com, 23 October 2017

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a relatively unknown condition that makes its (mostly female) sufferers debilitatingly sensitive to common substances like smoke, perfume, and cleaning products.  Why is it barely recognized by the medical community?

Nicole Parisi had just moved to LA when she was first diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome. As an artist, she had spent years coming into contact with harsh chemicals—regularly using paints, inks, and solvents for her screen print projects. Each time she handled them, though, she would notice a range of subtle bodily reactions.

These reactions got steadily more intense over a 20-year period. Friends' perfumes began to burn her eyes, bringing on searing headaches and dizzy spells. Vinyl ink and screen cleaners—products she used regularly for her art—started to clog her throat, leaving her wheezing and struggling to breathe.

Trump’s Legacy: Damaged Brains

Imaging by Bradley Peterson, via Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences
"Trump’s most enduring legacy may be cancer, infertility and diminished I.Q.s for decades to come."

Trump’s Legacy: Damaged Brains
by Nicholas Kristof, Opinion, The New York Times, 28 October 2017

This is what a common pesticide does to a child’s brain.

The pesticide, which belongs to a class of chemicals developed as a nerve gas made by Nazi Germany, is now found in food, air and drinking water. Human and animal studies show that it damages the brain and reduces I.Q.s while causing tremors among children. It has also been linked to lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease in adults.

The colored parts of the image above, prepared by Columbia University scientists, indicate where a child’s brain is physically altered after exposure to this pesticide.

This chemical, chlorpyrifos, is hard to pronounce, so let’s just call it Dow Chemical Company’s Nerve Gas Pesticide. Even if you haven’t heard of it, it may be inside you: One 2012 study found that it was in the umbilical cord blood of 87 percent of newborn babies tested.

Are Antidepressants Contributing to the Diabetes Epidemic?

Are Antidepressants Contributing to the Diabetes Epidemic?
by Joe Graedon, The People's Pharmacy, 26 October 2017

We have been blaming the diabetes epidemic on overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. No doubt both contribute. Some antidepressants may also be contributing.

There is a diabetes epidemic in the United States. It is also striking the rest of the world. Some experts are calling the diabetes epidemic the largest epidemic in human history. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that over 400 million people around the world have diabetes. According to the CDC, more than 100 million U.S. adults “are now living with diabetes or pre diabetes.” That fits our definition of a diabetes epidemic.

Younger People Are Part of the Diabetes Epidemic:

The rate of type 2 diabetes, formerly known as “adult onset diabetes,” has been rising rapidly among young Americans. While many experts attribute this increase to changes in diet, a new study indicates that medication use also plays a role.

Microwave Radiation: Why Should Consumers Be Concerned?

Microwave Radiation: Why Should Consumers Be Concerned?
by Catherine Frompovich, activistpost.com, 7 November 2017

How do you think consumers, taxpayers, local governance and enforcement agencies would react if a federal or state law were passed which required herbicides (toxic chemical substances that kill plants) be sprayed by companies or contractors daily-every minute of the day-and those laws, plus the spraying activities those laws enabled, could not be opposed nor challenged by citizens or local governments for health reasons or other valid concerns, e.g., those herbicides were damaging and killing vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lawns including trees and shrubs, plus causing serious headaches, sinusitis, liver, kidney and eye problems, skin rashes and even brain fog?

Dutch 'Smoking Is Murder' Case Goes Global; Lawsuits in 17 Countries

If anyone has more news about this case after July 2017, please share with us.

The lawyer, Dutch cancer association KWF and lung cancer patient Anne Marie van Veen are charging four tobacco manufacturers with attempted murder or manslaughter, attempted aggravated assault with premeditation, attempted deliberate harm to health with premeditation and forgery. 

by Janene Pieters , nltimes.nl, 4 July 2017

Smoking / Flickr
Lawyers in 17 countries are following Dutch lawyers' lead in suing the tobacco industry for attempted murder or aggravated assault. Anti-smoking organizations and lawyers from 15 countries gathered in Geneva recently to discuss the Dutch appraoch to the, until now, unique case, AD reports.

Germany and Belgium are also interested, but did not make it to the meeting in Switzerland, according to the newspaper.

At the meeting Dutch lawyer Benedicte Ficq and lung doctor Wanda de Kanter informed their international colleagues on how they are approaching the case in the Netherlands. The lawyer, Dutch cancer association KWF and lung cancer patient Anne Marie van Veen are charging four tobacco manufacturers with attempted murder or manslaughter, attempted aggravated assault with premeditation, attempted deliberate harm to health with premeditation and forgery.

Schools and Cellphones: In Elementary Schools? At Lunch?

Schools and cellphones: In elementary schools? At lunch?
by Donna St. George
The Washington Post, 
13 November 2017

(Photo): From left, Jack Doyle, 13, Ryan Ward, 14, Aiden Franz, 13, and Gray Rager, 14, use their cell phones during lunch at Westland Middle School in Bethesda, Md., on Nov. 2. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

It’s been a long time since mobile phones arrived in the nation’s schools, but educators are still grappling with what to do about them.

Should they be allowed in elementary schools? What about middle-schoolers using them at lunch? Which limits make the most sense for devices so ubiquitous?

What has become a more settled matter for high school students is sparking questions and controversy in lower grades, some two decades after mobile phones became an inescapable part of the cultural landscape.

The debate has emerged in Maryland’s biggest school system — in suburban Montgomery County — where some of the rules have been relaxed in recent months.

Bill Gates Makes $100 Million Personal Investment to Fight Alzheimer's

Microsoft founder Bill Gates looks on during
a healthcare event in Brussels, Belgium,
February 16, 2017
. Reuters/Eric Vidal/File Photo
Bill Gates makes $100 million personal investment to fight Alzheimer's
by Kate Kelland, Health, Science Correspondent, Reuters, 13 November 2017

LONDON, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is to invest $50 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund, a venture capital fund that brings together industry and government to seek treatments for the brain-wasting disease.

The investment - a personal one and not part of Gates’ philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - will be followed by another $50 million in start-up ventures working in Alzheimer’s research, Gates said.

With rapidly rising numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, the disease is taking a growing emotional and financial toll as people live longer, Gates told Reuters in an interview.

“It’s a huge problem, a growing problem, and the scale of the tragedy - even for the people who stay alive - is very high,” he said.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves Pill with Sensor that Digitally Tracks If Patients Have Ingested their Medication

FDA approves pill with sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication
FDA News Release, November 13, 2017
New tool for patients taking Abilify


FDA approves Abilify MyCite, a pill with a sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first drug in the U.S. with a digital ingestion tracking system. Abilify MyCite (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) has an ingestible sensor embedded in the pill that records that the medication was taken. The product is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, acute treatment of manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder and for use as an add-on treatment for depression in adults.

The system works by sending a message from the pill’s sensor to a wearable patch. The patch transmits the information to a mobile application so that patients can track the ingestion of the medication on their smart phone. Patients can also permit their caregivers and physician to access the information through a web-based portal.

13 November 2017

"Phonegate" Cell Phone Radiation Tests of France Violate Safety Limits - Lecture by Dr. Marc Arazi, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 31 July 2017

Dr. Devra Davis (Environmental Health Trust) points out that for over a decade researchers have repeatedly published about this issue and have long recommended updating “antiquated” cell phone radiation test systems. “Now we have government documentation on hundreds of cell phones providing clear and undeniable evidence that current cell phone test methods fail to protect the public.”... “Tests must include children with consideration for their unique vulnerabilities. Not only are children smaller and thus will have proportionately higher exposures to cell phone radiation than adults but also remember that children’s brains are rapidly developing. Regulations must assure children are protected,” stated Dr. Arazi.

Dr. Marc Arazi "Phonegate" Cell Phone Radiation Tests of France Violate Safety Limits 
(16 August 2017 - 7.26 mn)

Link to Dr. Arazi's blog:  http://arazi.fr/ with information on Phonegate.

France released cell phone test measurements that found most violated government radiation test limits. Dr. Arazi's July 31, 2017 US lecture and details on this groundbreaking documentation can be found at https://ehtrust.org/policy/phonegate-cell-phone-radiation-exceeds-limits-tested-body-contact-position/

Cell Phones Violate Radiation Limits: Doctor Calls For Urgent Action To Update Cell Phone Radiation Tests

“This is not just an European issue, it is an international scandal,“ stated Arazi, pointing out that all countries’ regulations are outdated. “Professor Om Gandhi—one of the originators of the test limits 30 years ago—says that if these numbers were converted to the US testing regime, we are talking about the reality that some cell phones exceed US regulatory limits by over 9 times the limit.”

Cell Phones Violate Radiation Limits: Doctor Calls For Urgent Action To Update Cell Phone Radiation Tests
Environmental Health Trust, 16 August 2017

Scientific lecture marks the first time European government test results were shared with US audience. 
[See original article for lecture or link on this blog.]

7/31/2017: French physician Marc Arazi presented recently released results of cell phone tests conducted by France’s national government agency ANFR that found most cell phones can emit more radiation into human users than manufacturers report. The France documentation shows that many cell phones on the market can exceed allowable limits by over three times.

The cell phone radiation absorption measurements of the over 350 cell phones France tested were presented in an expert scientific symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 31, 2017 sponsored by Environmental Health Trust. This lecture marks the first time the test measurements have been presented in the United States by an expert from France.

Keep Your Kids Away From Connected Toys

"Like most of the data we voluntarily donate to internet companies, our kids' data probably won't be used for an evil purpose. But one breach is enough to change that, and to plunge a family into hell. If parents don't realize that, it can only fall to regulators to make sure kids are protected."

Keep Your Kids Away From Connected Toys
by Leonid Bershidsky. bloomberg.com. 28 February 2017

Despite a multitude of warning signs, parents are exposing their children to digital dangers at an increasing rate.

A wolf in teddy bear's clothing.  Photographer:
laurenspolding via Getty Images
How dangerous is a teddy bear or a doll? In the Internet of Things era, it's not an idle question but one for parents and regulators to ponder seriously.

On Monday, Troy Hunt, the cybersecurity expert who maintains the "Have I been pwned?" database of major breaches affecting the clients of internet businesses, revealed a problem with CloudPets, a series of cuddly toys made by a U.S. company called Spiral Toys. The toys allow parents to talk with their kids remotely. The conversations were recorded and stored -- along with users' encrypted passwords -- on an unprotected server that belonged to a Romanian company called mReady. The passwords were easy to break. Hunt listened to some of the messages -- sweet nothings kids want to say to their parents. Any malicious actor could have figured out how to communicate with the kids. Apparently, the exposed database was located numerous times using a search engine that finds connected devices, and attempts were made to hold Spiral Toys for ransom.

Digipigi, a Potential Health Risk to Children: Letter to "Family First Switzerland"

We objected to this photo in the
article because, if connected to Wi-Fi,
the iPad should not be held on a
child's lap.
Today, we mailed this letter to the group, "Family First Switzerland" after we saw their online article promoting the Digipigi:  "That`s why Digipigi can teach kids in Switzerland about money”.  For now, the connected piggy bank is sold only in Switzerland, however, the idea may catch on with banks in other countries.  If this happens  in the United States, we promised to alert the group, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood which has clout regarding forcing manufacturers to pull connected toys from the market.  The group shares our concerns about the impact of a device such as Digipigi on a child's development.

Promotion of Digipigi

Dear Sir/Madam,

We were very concerned to read the article, “That`s why Digipigi can teach kids in Switzerland about money” on your site.

The Digipigi, destined for children from age 3, is a potential health risk to children. It functions with a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection, exposing the child to radiofrequency (RF) radiation each time the child uses the object.

12 November 2017

Billionaire Ex-Facebook President Sean Parker Unloads on Mark Zuckerberg and Admits He Helped Build a Monster

Billionaire ex-Facebook president Sean Parker unloads on Mark Zuckerberg and admits he helped build a monster
by Rob Priceuk.businessinsider.com, 9 November 2017

Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook.
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen
  • Facebook's first president, Sean Parker, has been sharply critical of the social network, accusing it of exploiting human "vulnerability."
  • "God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains," he said.
  • His comments are part of a wave of tech figures expressing disillusionment and concern about the products they helped build.

Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook, has a disturbing warning about the social network: "God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains."

Speaking to the news website Axios, the entrepreneur and executive talked openly about what he perceives as the dangers of social media and how it exploits human "vulnerability."

"The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them ... was all about: 'How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'" said Parker, who joined Facebook in 2004, when it was less than a year old.

A Group of Scientists Opposes ICNIRP

A Group of Scientists Opposes ICNIRP

On 3 March 2017, a scientific delegation was received by Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva and by Dr. Emilie van Deventer, Head of the International Project on Electromagnetic Fields at WHO.

Following this meeting, the members of the delegation who were present decided unanimously to combine their efforts to have WHO finally recognize the non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

It was decided to create a working group within the European Cancer Environment Research Institute (ECERI) to oppose the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radio Protection (ICNIRP).

At ECERI - www.eceri-institute.org/ , to date, the members of the working group are:

Prof, Dominique Belpomme (France)
Prof. Igor Belyaev (Slovakia)
Dr. Ernesto Burgio (Italy)
Prof.  David Carpenter (USA)
Prof. Lennart Hardell (Sweden)
Dr. Magda Havas (Canada)
Prof. Gérard Ledoigt (France)
Prof. SMJ Mortazavi (Iran)
Prof. André Vander Vorst (Belgium) 

The finalization of a publication on the thermal and non-thermal effects of radiofrequencies is in progress.

(Bulletin in French)

Translation by Editor of "Towards Better Health"

11 November 2017

Michigan: Family Chooses to Live with no Power Rather than a DTE Smart Meter

Family chooses to live with no power rather than a DTE Smart Meter
by: Hilary Golston, fox2detroit.com, 9 November 2017

(WJBK) - It's a debate that continues to rage on, can the radiation Smart Meters give off, cause cancer?

A family in Lenox Township in Macomb County, is worried not only about their health but the question of surveillance. So much so that they're living without power and using a generator instead

They claim their power was cut off by DTE Energy because they don't want the Smart Meter and haven't been set up to get the new opt-out version. They're sticking it out because they feel it's their right to.

"My mom passed away from brain cancer so the health issues is a big concern," said Cindy Michaels.

Health Issues - Heads in the Sand, Pies in the Sky: Governments Deny the Facts of Life

Image submitted by Olga Sheean
"We should not have to fight for protection from our own government, which is supposed to keep us safe."

Health Issues | Heads in the Sand, Pies in the Sky: Governments deny the facts of life
by Olga Sheean, thegreengazette.ca
6 November 2017

When wisely applied and when based on empirical research, science helps keep us safe. Science makes sense of things and helps us understand how things work. It stops us from sticking our fingers in electrical sockets or from thinking we can fly if we jump off a high building, in defiance of the law of gravity. It provides us with a solid, reliable, fact-based foundation and a better awareness of the laws of physics and nature that govern our existence. And it enables us to make informed choices that are healthy and sustainable for people and the planet, while protecting physical infrastructures, the economy, and our essential humanity. We disregard it at our peril.

Yet many governments, including Canada’s, have rejected the solid scientific evidence of the harm caused by humanmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Despite the 25,000+independent, peer-reviewed studies by scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, biologists, and researchers who have published their findings in scientific and medical journals, government healthcare agencies are categorically denying, diminishing, or distorting the facts regarding the proven dangers of radiofrequency/microwave radiation in our environment.

10 November 2017

Cancer Cluster at Top NYC School Near Ground Zero, Grad Says

It was later established that the Twin Tower ruins contained over 2,500 contaminants, including:
(See our post: "Dust to Dust - the Health Effects of 9/11".)

- Over 400 tons of asbestos
- 90,000 liters of jet fuel containing benzene
- Mercury from over half a million fluorescent lights
- 200,000 pounds of lead and cadmium from personal computers
- Up to 2 million pounds of PAH from diesel-fueled fires
- 130,000 gallons of transformer oil containing PCBs
- Crystalline silica from 420,000 tons of concrete, sheetrock and glass

by Carl Campanilenypost.com, 9 November 2017

Firefighters and other first-responders who worked at Ground Zero aren’t the only ones suffering 16 years later from exposure to toxic debris.

UIG via Getty Images
Local school kids who are now young adults have come forward, revealing they’ve battled cancers and lung diseases covered by the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

Michele Lent Hirsch, 32, was a senior at Stuyvesant HS, on Chambers Street, just a couple blocks from Ground Zero, when she saw the first tower fall from a classroom window.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, one of 68 cancers eligible for health coverage through the VCF.

Hirsch was only 25 when she was diagnosed.

09 November 2017

The EU and Glyphosate: It's Time to Put Children's Health Before Pesticides

The EU and glyphosate: it's time to put children's health before pesticides
by Baskut Tuncak, The Guardian, 6 November 2017

Some European countries are blocking the attempt to give glyphosate
a new 10-year licence.  
Photo:  Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images
A pending decision on Monsanto’s ubiquitous weedkiller is a crucial opportunity to protect our children from the toxic cocktail of pesticides polluting their food, water and play areas

Our children are growing up exposed to a toxic cocktail of weedkillers, insecticides, and fungicides. It’s on their food and in their water, and it’s even doused over their parks and playgrounds. Many governments insist that our standards of protection from these pesticides are strong enough. But as a scientist and a lawyer who specialises in chemicals and their potential impact on people’s fundamental rights, I beg to differ.

Fourteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health

Fourteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 7 November 2017

Evaluation of children exposure to electromagnetic fields of mobile phones using age-specific head models with age-dependent dielectric properties

Mohammed B, Jin J, Abbosh A, Bialkowski K, Manoufali M, Crozier S. Evaluation of children exposure to electromagnetic fields of mobile phones using age-specific head models with age-dependent dielectric properties. IEEE Access. PP(99). 2017


Given the rapid introduction of mobile phones and other portable wireless devices into society, and the increased possibility of young children using or being exposed to electromagnetic (EM) fields, a study of specific absorption rate (SAR) in the head of young children is becoming increasingly relevant. To accurately evaluate the exposure of children to electromagnetic fields, realistic head models, which consider the age-specific anatomical structure and age-dependent tissues dielectric properties, are developed. During postnatal development of human tissues, the number and size of cells increase while the proportion of water content decreases. Such changes result generally in significant changes in the dielectric properties of tissues. The SAR levels for different ages are investigated using the developed child’s head models when young children or their parents use a standard mobile phone.

08 November 2017

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation: 2007 Article on the Research of Dr. George Carlo - Part 2

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
by Sue Kovach, lifeextension.com, August 2007 - page 2

Dr. Carlo’s Continuing Work

Following the loss of his home, Dr. Carlo collaborated with Washington columnist Martin Schram—who in the course of the work did his own research to corroborate Dr. Carlo’s view on things—to write Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age (Carroll & Graf, 2001). He wrote his book as what he thought would be a last volley at the cell phone industry.

“I needed to tell the whole story in one place. I didn’t have the resources or the manpower to match what the cell phone industry was doing to try to discredit the work,” says Dr. Carlo. “Based on the book, a number of lawsuits were brought against the industry, and insurance carriers began excluding cell phone-related health risks in their coverage. It created a very difficult situation in the industry and for myself. I was worn out fighting that battle. In 2002, after I’d done my book tour, I just decided to take a break for a couple of years.”

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation: 2007 Article on the Research of Dr. George Carlo

Comprehensive article on Dr. George Carlo's cell phone research.

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
by Sue Kovach, lifeextension.com, August 2007

Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern life. From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to your ear—sometimes for hours each day—exposure to EMR is growing and becoming a serious health threat.

But there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: EMR from cellular phones—both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals—which studies have linked to development of brain tumors, genetic damage, and other exposure-related conditions.1-9 Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people. Most recently, a Danish epidemiological study announced to great fanfare the inaccurate conclusion that cell phone use is completely safe.10

US Microchip to Make Mobile Phones Safer: Article from The Guardian on American Research for the Military

With regard to the documentary, "Cell Phone War", we could not find much information on the Catholic University's research for the American military on safer cell phones...

US microchip to make mobile phones safer
by Nick Paton Walsh, The Guardian, 17 December 2000

Worries about radiation from mobile phones may be over thanks to a new device developed by American scientists and the US military due to go on sale in Britain within months.

The BioChip, a tiny microchip that fits into the battery of the mobile phone, makes safe the signals created during a phone call that experts say can damage the cells of the brain. Mobile phones emit an electrical impulse whose strong, regular rhythm has been proved to cause serious stress in cell walls. The BioChip produces another impulse which disrupts the rhythm, stopping stress in the cells. 'The chip emits a weak electromagnetic impulse which mimicks the natural impulse that the cell is used to,' said the chip's manufacturer, Dr Thomas Magnussen. 'The impulse is engineered so that it prevents the cells from picking up the regular rhythm coming from the phone signal.'

Cell Phone War: Documentary and Article on Early Cell Phone Lawsuits

We recently found this 44-minute documentary - "Cell Phone War", (French version) produced by Klaus Scheidsteger in 2005, who also made "Thank You for Calling". "Cell Phone War" can be viewed for free in French and German. We haven't yet found a copy in English. Could someone help us? Here and in the next posts is more information on issues raised in the film.

Legal parties join forces on mobile-phone health issue
by Reily Gregsonrcrwireless.com, 16 April 2001

WASHINGTON-The law firm of Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos, which earlier this year took control of an $800 million mobile phone-brain cancer lawsuit, has joined forces with attorneys in a New Orleans class-action case against the wireless industry seeking to force equipment manufacturers to pay for headsets and medical monitoring for half the nation’s 112 million subscribers.

Germany: Fraunhofer HHI Field Tests Li-Fi in German Classroom

Fraunhofer HHI field tests Li-Fi in German classroom
by Julien Happich, eenewseurope.com, 6 November 2017

Since the beginning of 2017 Fraunhofer HHI has been working together with the Hegel-Gymnasium in Stuttgart, Germany, to upgrade a classroom with Visible Light Communication technology (VLC).

Now, Isabel Fezer, Mayor of Youth and Education of the city Stuttgart, has opened the room with an optical WLAN environment. The VLC technology here is proposed as an alternative to traditional WLAN technology, avoiding radio radiation and while being immune to interference with other radio waves or electromagnetic fields.

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI from Berlin is working on further developing this technology and with this classroom field test, it hopes to not only demonstrate the potential of this technology, but also to align future research in this area.

Switzerland: New Book on Electromagnetic Radiation and Electrosensitivity

This excellent book in German will be available on Amazon.de from 13 November 2017. 

Land im Strahlenmeer: Über die gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen von Funkstrahlungen bei Mensch und Tier - eine europäische Diskussion
von Ursula Niggli (Autor) - 13 November 2017

Land in the Sea of ​​Radiation: On the Health Effects of Mobile Radiation on Humans and Animals  - A European Debate
by Ursula Niggli (author)

Mobile radiation and electrosensitivity are hot topics of our times. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) surround us everywhere, nobody can escape them. Despite the protection organizations that have been raising awareness for decades, the health consequences have been denied and minimized.

This book deals extensively with the health risks of so-called non-ionizing radiation. The analysis and the detailed information are not only presented as exciting "stories" to read, but also placed in a historical and wide geographical context. Also widely discussed are alternative diagnostic procedures and therapies versus the opinion of conventional medicine. Although the author based her research on concrete case studies from Switzerland, the implications can be applied to Western countries.

07 November 2017

Wi-Fi Causes Irreparable Damage to Young Girls' Eggs and Sperm Affecting All Future Generations

A child should NEVER be exposed to Wi-Fi in a classroom
and NEVER hold an iPad or tablet on  his/her lap. 
As we go about our merry way, installing Wi-Fi in schools, let us reflect on these words from expert Barrie Trower on the irreparable damage it does to young girls’ eggs and to sperm. Parents, teachers, and school boards would do well to sit up and take notice. Do we not care for our children and future generations?

Extract from “Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility - Wireless Technologies – An Urgent National and Global Emergency”

WiFi Causes Irreparable Damage to Young Girls Eggs and Sperm Affecting All Future Generations

Children and all of their future offspring are at risk of damage in the form of mutations of their eggs according to world renowned experts as testified in US courts by Barrie Trower. In his testimony, Mr. Trower states that:

“72. The problem with young girls is that microwave radiation has been shown to damage the genetic structure in their ovaries. Girls are born with all of the eggs they need in their ovaries at birth. They are immature eggs, hence susceptible to damage during growth. Microwaves are genotoxic (experiments can be linked to children showing low-level mobile telephone radiation disrupts the biochemistry of follicle cells in a mammalian egg chamber), hence the microwave radiation could affect the genetic structure within the eggs. The problem here is that the mitochondrial DNA, the genes inside the ovaries, is irreparable [1][2][3] If you have a little girl in whom there is damage through this mechanism to the genetic structure in one of her eggs, and she has a daughter, that daughter will carry that genetic problem. It is irreparable. And her daughter in turn will carry that genetic problem, because it is irreparable. And every female forever, in that line, will carry that problem in perpetuity, because it is irreparable…

Microwave Radiation Primer

Microwave Radiation Primer
scientists4wiredtech.com (Scientists for Wired Technology)

Since much of the US population is unwisely bathing itself 24/7/365 in data-carrying, pulsed, Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation), it is important to understand what we are actually doing to ourselves, our loved ones and our environment. Duration of exposure to these micro-second pulses of electrical power, not intensity, is the most important factor.

Therefore, always-on wireless infrastructure antennas are hazardous to one’s health — that is why wireless telecommunications base station antennas belong 200 feet off the ground and at least 2,500 feet away from homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings, parks and wilderness areas. That is why installation of so-called “Small Cell” Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) anywhere near second-story bedroom windows is a disaster — no matter what government guideline is quoted to justify this assault.

Mattel Pulls Aristotle Children’s Device After Privacy Concerns

We need more actions of this kind from advocacy and consumer groups, lawmakers and parents to ensure children are not exposed to these harmful connected gadgets.

Mattel Pulls Aristotle Children’s Device After Privacy Concerns
by RACHEL RABKIN PEACHMAN, The New York Times, 5 October 2017

Mattel's Aristotle device was intended to
be used in children's rooms
Mattel announced on Wednesday that it was canceling plans to bring to market a smart device called Aristotle, which was aimed at children from infancy to adolescence and was set to hit stores in 2018. The decision came after child advocacy groups, lawmakers and parents raised concerns about the impact the artificial intelligence device could have had on children’s privacy, development and well-being.

A petition asking Mattel not to release Aristotle, started in May by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Story of Stuff Project, garnered more than 15,000 signatures and argued that babies and older children shouldn’t be encouraged to form bonds with data-collecting devices.

Last month, Senator Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Representative Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, also sent a letter to Mattel in which they wrote: “This new product has the potential to raise serious privacy concerns as Mattel can build an in-depth profile of children and their family. It appears that never before has a device had the capability to so intimately look into the life of a child.”

Significant Security Flaws in Smart Watches for Children

"These watches have no place on a shop’s shelf, let alone on a child’s wrist."... 
Consumer organisations in Europe and the US will also be pursuing our findings with their respective authorities, both nationally and at an EU level.

See also this report from CBS:

Significant security flaws in smartwatches for children
forbrukerradet.no, 18 October 2017

The Norwegian Consumer Council has uncovered serious security and privacy flaws in smartwatches for children. Strangers can easily seize control of the watches and use them to track and eavesdrop on children.

Together with the security firm Mnemonic, the Norwegian Consumer Council tested several smartwatches for children. Our findings are alarming. We discovered significant security flaws, unreliable safety features and a lack of consumer protection.

“It’s very serious when products that claim to make children safer instead put them at risk because of poor security and features that do not work properly,” says Finn Myrstad, Director of Digital Policy at the Norwegian Consumer Council.

PR Pros, Heavy Cellphone Users, Need Awareness of Dangers

PR Pros, Heavy Cellphone Users, Need Awareness of Dangers
by Jack O'Dwyerodwyerpr.com, 6 November 2017

PR people, increasingly dependent on sophisticated cellphones for news, info and communication, must be aware of dangers they present.

Cellphones are the tip of the radiation iceberg. Powerful Wi-Fi routers in offices, cell towers atop buildings beaming into apartments, and towers in many other places including church steeples, are a threat to the health of those in their paths and especially children and seniors.

Since upwards of 80% of PR people are women and many are mothers of young children, they need to be aware of threats to themselves and their families. Plenty of documentation is at Bio Initiative.

Public Discussion on Tap in Mass.

An extensive public discussion of charges that Wi-Fi, cellphones, etc., are dangerous will take place starting Nov. 28 in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Radiation health advocates are pressing passage of seven wireless radiation bills.

Cancer Cluster Reporting

Cancer Cluster Reporting
blog.mesothelioma-aid.org, posted on November 6, 2017

Each year approximately 1,000 cases of possible cancer clusters are reported. Of these cases only 5% to 15% are investigated after the initial report. The bulk of the cases are clearly not cancer clusters and researchers can eliminate the possibility with just a bit of research.

Out of the 5% to 15% of cases that are investigated most are still definitively classified as cancer clusters. Epidemiologists are rarely able to provide definitive answers however a set of specific questions helps guide the initial investigation. The following questions from the Cancer Council of New South Wales are similar to those utilized by many local and state health organizations and include:

06 November 2017

Former WHO Director General Gro Harlem Brundtland: "No Doubt There Are Health Effects from Mobile Phone Radiation"

Former WHO Director General Gro Harlem Brundtland: ”No doubt there are health effects from mobile phone radiation”
stralskyddsstiftelsen.se (Swiedish Radiation Protection Foundation), 7 August 2015

The former Director General of the UN World Health Organisation and former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland recently said during an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that she gets a headache right away if she puts a mobile phone to the head. She also said that she has had health problems from mobile phone radiation for 25 years, and that research shows that there is no doubt that there are adverse health effects linked to this technology.

The former head of the WHO encouraged the public to protect themselves against the radiation from wireless technology:

– I want to say that you should protect yourself. Do not keep the cell phone in your pocket, she cautioned.

Headache caused by mobile phone

Gro Harlem Brundtland, who is a trained medical doctor, was the Director General of the WHO during 1998-2003. She uses her own mobile phone as little as possible and always keeps the phone as far away from the body as possible when she for instance has to send a text message
– I cannot have cell phone radiation near the head. I get an immediate headache. My body has reacted to cell phone radiation for 25 years, she told the reporters.

05 November 2017

Local ‘Offline October’ Initiative Spreads Worldwide

Local ‘Offline October’ Initiative Spreads Worldwide
by Jamie Learydenver.cbslocal.com, 30 October 2017

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – One month after a group of students in Littleton launched Offline October, the results have exceeded expectations.

“I learned that Snapchat is a waste of time, and you’re not missing out when you don’t have it. You’re missing out when you do,” said Owen Hearty, an 8th grader at Goddard Middle School.

CBS4 covered the initiative when it launched.

It was a response to recent suicides in the Littleton Public School District.

A group of 25 students got together, asking others to take a pledge: no social media for the entire month.

Goddard Middle School had the most students take the pledge.

Principal Bryan Brewer found the campaign so successful, he sent a letter to parents on Monday saying Goddard is banning cellphone use in the school, permanently.

How to Successfully Get Through to People about Wireless Radiation

Unlocking the door: How to successfully get through to people about wireless radiation.
by Rachel Gaunt, emfsafetynetwork.org, 30 October 2017

One of two recommended visuals.  
For years I have been talking to people about the risks of wireless radiation. People who already “get it” are an easy audience. They nod and agree vehemently. But conversing with people who are new to this subject has not been so easy.

Too often I see their eyes glaze over, watch them shift uncomfortably, or frown and get defensive. The more I ramp up my passion about the subject the more they retreat.

As someone who has worked extensively in the field of communication and consumer motivation, I’m no stranger to activist campaigns, but this was a new level of puzzle. Why didn’t these folks – my family and my dear friends -want to hear the truth about some critical information pertinent to their health?

Global Burden of Cancer Among Young Adults Aged 20-39 Years - IARC Press Release

International Agency for Research on Cancer
30 October 2017

Global burden of cancer among young adults aged 20–39 years 

Lyon, France, 28 October 2017 – A new study by researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), published today in The Lancet Oncology, 1 examines for the first time the global burden of cancer among young adults aged 20–39 years. The report provides critical evidence of the burden of the disease in this age group and highlights the urgent need for adequate prevention measures, timely diagnosis, and cancer care.

Cancer burden in young adults 

04 November 2017

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Breast Cancer Cluster

As you may recall, (ABC) Australian Broadcasting Corporation's  "Catalyst" staff were fired last year and the weekly TV show format was scrapped over the report, "Wi-Fried".  
See our post (the link to the original article disappeared.)

(Most of the content of the article is posted below as the link to the original also does not seem to work.)
ABC cancer cluster: 10 years since Toowong studio shut down
by Susan Johnson, The Courier-Mail, 5 May  2016

Jo Stone, Nadia Farha, Anne Debert and Lisa Backhouse
Picture:  David Kelly
On a hot afternoon before Christmas, a group of workers were asked to clear their desks – immediately – and leave the building many of them had worked in for their entire careers. Everyone was given a cardboard box and told to take everything they needed, because there would be no going back inside the building. Ever.

There was an audible gasp at the news. Some women started crying. As if trapped in a story in which an iron door clangs loudly as it closes, the workers left the building. There were Christmas decorations still hanging over doorways, strung across desks, and a shocked sense of disbelief.

Many of the workers, specifically the women, felt scared, others were just angry. It had taken years – precisely 12 since the first of a dozen women was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 – for management to recognise that the building on the banks of the Brisbane River at Toowong, in Brisbane’s western suburbs, was unsafe.

Scientists and Physicians Send Appeal about 5G Rollout and Health Dangers to the European Union

Scientists and physicians send appeal about 5G rollout and health dangers to the European Union
by Pam Barkereuropereloaded.com, 3 November 2017

On September 13, 2017, more than 180 scientists and doctors sent an 11-page Appeal for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G in the European Union.

The reason for the appeal is that “RF/EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment,”but 5G has not been investigated fully for potential health hazards and environmental impact by INDEPENDENT scientists other than industry scientists, who apparently would rubber stamp 5G similarly as the other generations of telecommunications updates have been.

According to the Appeal, 5G is effective only over short distances and is transmitted poorly through solid materials. Because of that inefficiency in transmission, a tremendous number of antennas or cell towers will be needed to implement 5G service.