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21 January 2018

iPhone X: £1,000 for a Phone You Can't Answer!

£1,000 for a phone you can't answer! Apple fans claim nothing appears on screen when their iPhone X rings

Angry iPhone X users claim that nothing happens
on their devices when they receive a call, making it
impossible to answer.

  • Angry iPhone X users say nothing happens on the screen when the phone rings
  • The device, claimed to be the most advanced yet, costs more than £1,000
  • Customers have taken to Apple's online forums to demand a fix to the issue

It costs more than £1,000 and is touted by its creators as the most advanced handset yet, but some users of the new iPhone X claim they cannot even answer calls on the device.

Angry customers have gone on Apple’s online forums, complaining that when their costly phone rings, nothing appears on the screen – making it impossible to take the call.

‘Apple please sort this problem,’ wrote one disappointed owner.

‘Even after I reset the phone, it works fine for a couple of days – and then it starts again.’

The bug is just the latest to afflict the iPhone X, pictured.

Apple's iPhone X Screen Is Giving Some Users Headaches

Complaints about Apple products are piling up...

Apple's iPhone X Screen Is Giving Some Users Headaches

by PATRICK SEITZinvestors.com, 14 November 2017

A growing number of Apple (AAPL) iPhone X customers have reported eye fatigue and headaches from using the new premium handset and are taking to online forums to share their concerns.

"Ever since Thursday I have been experiencing headaches every time I'm on my phone for around 10 minutes-plus," one iPhone X user said in a MacRumors forum on Saturday. "This has never happened to me before on any of my other devices."

Another iPhone X user replied, "Same thing, got really sore eyes since two days (really painful), the X is the culprit for sure. I don't know what to do."

Some tech-savvy forum members on MacRumors suggested that the eye strain is the result of Apple's use of pulse-width modulation to dim the brightness of the OLED display. They noted that some people are more sensitive to the flicker effect than others.

Cellphone Radiation

Good tips on how to reduce cell phone radiation.

Cellphone radiation
by Dahli Aspillera, malaya.com, 22 January 2018

SCIENTISTS can’t seem to make up their mind about cell phones. Do cellphones produce radiation? Yes. Is the radiation they produce harmful to constant/moderate/infrequent users? Scientists aren’t sure.

Be observant. Next time you’re at a cellphone company meeting or at a major cellphone carrier convention, note that the power-brokers, stake holders, company employees wear earphones or wired headsets. Some don’t even trust Bluetooth.

Bluetooth radiation has been less studied than cell phone radiation. The unavailability of studies on Bluetooth radiation has made some claim that Bluetooth radiation is safe. Safe... because nobody wants to know if it’s unsafe?

Phonegate Interview with Dr. Marc Arazi

Excellent interview with Dr. Marc Arazi by Canadian journalist and writer, Sean Arthur Joyce.  
See also Part 1:  Phonegate Scandal Goes Unreported in Canadian Media

Phonegate Interview with Dr. Marc Arazi
by seanarthurjoycechameleonfire1.wordpress.com, 19 January 2018

JOYCE: Explain to us how you first learned of the Phonegate scandal. What was your personal connection to the issue?

French physician Dr. Marc Arazi.
DR. ARAZI: First, I read the report of the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) published on July 8, 2016, entitled ‘Exposure to Radiofrequencies and Child Health.’ In this report, there was information from the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) on tests conducted in 2015 on 95 cell phones from mobile phone stores. The overall results showed that the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the trunk and extremities of 9 out of 10 phones was above the limit value (2 W/kg) when the phones were tested in contact with the body (0 mm distance from the skin). Some mobile phones exceeded 3 to 4 times the limit values. I therefore immediately wrote to and called ANFR and ANSES to request the measurement results carried out by ANFR. I received a refusal from ANFR, which was trying to gain time. In September 2016, I requested the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA) to obtain the results.

20 January 2018

Maryland: Montgomery County Public Schools Chief Technology Officer Shares Information On Digital Device Safety

Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools Chief Technology Officer Shares Information On Digital Device Safety
Environmental Health Trust, January 2018

The Chief Technology Officer of Montgomery County Maryland, one of the top School Districts in the country shared information on Digital Device Safety to all staff on Friday January 12, 2018
Digital Safety At School And At Home

The MCCPTA Safe Technology Subcommittee would like to share the following recommendations for using technology at school and at home.

For Students at School:

Right of Reply from Prof. Dominique Belpomme on Electrohypersensitivity

Right of Reply from Prof. Belpomme on Electrohypersensitivity
Journal international de médecine, 19 January 2018

Last 19 December, the International Journal of Medicine (JIM - Journal International de Médecine) devoted an article to the seizure of the Order of Physicians by both Dr. Jacques Lambrozo concerning certificates of contraindication to the installation of the LINKY meter given by Professor Dominique Belpomme, as well as by the Directorate General for Health (DGS) regarding the potential breach of the requirement for physicians to provide patients with care based on evidence supported by science. Professor Dominique Belpomme is asking us to publish this right of reply concerning the article.

We would like to emphasize that certain elements presented by the practitioner could be considered as insufficient by some of our readers to fully convince them about the somatic nature of electrohypersensitivity. The JIM reserves the right to reply at a later date to certain points made by Professor Belpomme.

The article published on 19 December 2017 in the International Journal of Medicine entitled “Diagnosis of Electrohypersensitivity: Prof. Belpomme Pursued by the Order” calls for the following answers on my part:

1. Blood markers

19 January 2018

Is Your Child Smarter Or Dumber Because Of Microwave Technologies?

"Why schools are exposing children’s brains and vital organs to health damaging microwaves for hours a day, five days a week is beyond comprehension. Personally, I have to wonder how highly educated school board members, directors and teachers have bought into such scientific chicanery!"

Is Your Child Smarter Or Dumber Because Of Microwave Technologies?
by Catherine J. Frompovich, 1activistpost.com, 6 January 2018

Parents are overjoyed when their two-year-olds ‘master’ computer games and cell phones. They interpret that as “look how smart my kid is!” Well, that’s really not the take-away message parents should be coming up with. Maybe their youngsters inadvertently are becoming addicted to a tech-meme and device, which will damage them down the road, and very dramatically: dumb and cancer?

I refer readers to the United Nations’ IARC Press Release of May 31, 2011 wherein

The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer1, associated with wireless phone use.

Phonegate Scandal Goes Unreported in Canadian Media

Thank you to Sean Arthur Joyce, Canadian journalist and writer, for this excellent article on Phonegate.  
See also Part 2:  Phonegate Interview with Dr. Marc Arazi.

Phonegate scandal goes unreported in Canadian media
by seanarthurjoyce, chameleonfire1.wordpress.com, 18 January 2018

Smart phones aren't quite so smart
when you actually consider the
health risks.
You may have heard of Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, where the company was caught out misreporting for decades their vehicles’ carbon emissions levels. While that made global headlines, a similar new scandal, ‘Phonegate,’ has only managed to penetrate European headlines. The advocate heading up the campaign to raise awareness of this debacle is French physician Dr. Marc Arazi.

"Details were revealed in July 2016 in a scientific report published by the French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), entitled, ‘Exposure to Radiofrequencies and Child Health,’ reports Dr. Arazi on his blog. “The ANSES Report highlighted the results of the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) 2015 measurement tests of 95 mobile phones tested in body contact positions – meaning with no separation distance. ANSES announced that 9 out of 10 mobile phones tested in contact with the skin exceeded the regulatory threshold of 2 W/kg, some of them more than three times. No one paid attention to this information.”[1] Dr. Arazi has established a ‘Taskforce Phonegate’ Facebook page in the hopes of forcing health and safety regulators to re-examine and revise their microwave radiation exposure standards.

18 January 2018

Norway: Nkom Says 18 Child Smart Watches Fail Norwegian Safety Documentation Standards

Nkom says 18 child smart watches fail Norwegian safety documentation standards
telecompaper.com, 16 January 2018

(photo from electrosensible.info)
Norwegian telecoms regulator Nkom said it had examined eighteen models of smart watch for children, and found that not a single one of them complied with national regulations on documentation for radio equipment safety. It said the dealers and importers had not carried out sufficiently thorough checks of the devices before bringing them to market. Nkom looked at the devices themselves, their packaging, documentation and customer information.

Nkom said the shortcomings ranged from the absence of the 'CE' European safety standard marking, lack of manufacturer or type designation, and lack of testing documentation. Many of them lacked any indication of radiation testing.

Silicon Valley Reconsiders the iPhone Era It Created

Silicon Valley Reconsiders the iPhone Era It Created
by Tripp Mickle, wsj.com, 9 January 2018

Customers inspect the new iPhone X at an Apple Store
in Palo Alto, Calif., in November.  
Photo:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Debate over iPhone use by young people reflects the misgivings some in the industry feel toward smartphones' ubiquity

A tussle this week between prominent investors and Apple Inc. over iPhone use by young people comes amid a nascent re-evaluation of the smartphone’s social consequences within the industry that spawned it.

The smartphone has fueled much of Silicon Valley’s soaring profits over the past decade, enriching companies in sectors from social media to games to payments. But over the past year or so, a number of prominent industry figures have voiced concerns about the downsides of the technology’s ubiquity.