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20 February 2018

“More Than a Coincidence” - A Second Large Study has Found Schwannomas in the Hearts of Male Rats Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation

“More Than a Coincidence”
Microwave News, 20 February 2018

New Large Animal Study, Like NTP’s, Links RF to Schwannoma of the Heart

It’s happened again.

A second large study has found tumors in the Schwann cells —schwannomas— in the hearts of male rats exposed to cell phone radiation.

The new finding comes from the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy.

The malignant schwannomas of the heart seen in the Italian study are the same as those described by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) earlier this month as the basis for their concern that cell phone radiation, both GSM and CDMA, can lead to cancer. Ramazzini embarked on its RF project in 2005, about the same time as the NTP effort was taking off.

Wales: We Need to Protect Wales from the Harmful Effects of Modern Wireless Technologies

We need to protect Wales from the harmful effects of modern wireless technologies
by Annelie Fitzgerald, Opinion, nation.cymru
20 February 2018

The pioneering Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is an ambitious piece of legislation which aims to improve the quality of life for people in Wales.

The Act requires public bodies in Wales to carry out sustainable development in order to achieve the seven well-being goals it sets out.

The WFG Act seeks to prevent short-sighted policy-making, “where things done to meet short-term needs may have detrimental long-term effects.”

The environmental issue at the heart of the WFG Act is climate change. However, the terms of the legislation mean that public bodies in Wales must now take action on another environmental issue: anthropogenic radiofrequency radiation (RFR).

Man-made RFR is a growing yet invisible form of environmental pollution.

NTP Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Study: A Public Health Perspective

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
saferemr.com, 20 February 2018

NTP Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Study: A Public Health Perspective

The $25 million National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiation study proves that long-term exposure to low intensity, non-thermal levels of cell phone microwave radiation can cause cancer and DNA damage in an animal model. This is the second study our federal government conducted which found that low intensity microwave radiation caused cancer.

The NTP study is the missing link.

In conjunction with recently published case-control research in humans that found an association between long-term, heavy cell phone use and brain tumor risk (glioma and acoustic neuroma also known as vestibular schwannoma), and hundreds of studies that found increased oxidative stress (including stress proteins, free radicals and DNA damage) from exposure to low intensity microwave radiation, the NTP study should empower the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-classify radio frequency radiation from its current classification, “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B), to “probably carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2A) or “carcinogenic to humans” (Group 1).

18 February 2018

Apple Employees Keep Walking into Glass Walls

Apple staff are so often glued to the iPhones they helped popularize that they keep walking into the glass walls of their new HQ.

Apple employees keep walking into glass walls

Bloomberg, 16 February 2018

The centerpiece of Apple Inc.’s new headquarters is a massive, ring-shaped office overflowing with panes of glass, a testament to the company’s famed design-obsessed aesthetic.

There’s been one hiccup since it opened last year: Apple employees keep smacking into the glass.

Surrounding the Cupertino, California-based building are 45-foot tall curved panels of safety glass. Inside are work spaces, dubbed “pods,” also made with a lot of glass. Apple staff are often glued to the iPhones they helped popularize. That’s resulted in repeated cases of distracted employees walking into the panes, according to people familiar with the incidents.

Radiations from Gadgets Smash Up the Sperm Count

Radiations from gadgets smash up the sperm count
by Dr. Arvind Vaid, Dailyexcelsior, 18 February 2018

With the technology growing in today’s world has caused much damage to human health than convenience. Making unlimited usage of smart phones, computers, laptops and wireless connections has not only made us dependant but has a variety of ill-effects on our health. It is now a known fact that today’s technology has affected male as well as female fertility immensely. Many studies state that levels of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted from the smart gadgets and cellular towers is ten times higher in India, in comparison to any other country. Around 10 – 12 % of the couples in India have been reported to suffer from some or the other forms of fertility issues due to radiation exposure.

SpaceX Wants to Beam Internet Down to Earth

SpaceX wants to beam Internet down to Earth. Here’s how it will start.
by Brian Fung, The Washington Post, 16 February 2018

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched in June at NASA's
Kennedy Space Center (Bill Ingalls/NASA)
SpaceX is preparing to hit another orbital milestone with the launch of a pair of experimental satellites on Sunday that are designed to beam an ultrafast, lag-free Internet connection down to Earth.

The test satellites, dubbed Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, are a part of a years-long plan by chief executive Elon Musk to create a fleet of orbiting devices to blanket the globe in wireless broadband connectivity. SpaceX ultimately intends to put about 12,000 broadband satellites in low Earth orbit, and Sunday’s payload will mark the company’s first attempt at realizing the dream. The initial satellites in the network are expected to come online next year.

In My Chronic Illness, I Found a Deeper Meaning

In My Chronic Illness, I Found a Deeper Meaning
by Elliot Kukla, Opinion, Disability, The New York Times, 10 January 2018

Dadu Shin
I became disabled overnight in a car accident. The car accident was a dream, but the disability was real.

I dreamed I was driving through the ravaged streets of Oakland, Calif., at the end of the world. I turned the corner and careened inescapably into a white chemical blaze. I woke with a start, the white flash still burning behind my eyes, the worst headache of my life piercing my left temporal lobe. I remembered my mother having a brain aneurysm years before and knew the “worst headache of my life” was not to be ignored. My wife and I hurried to the hospital, expecting life to change forever. Once at the emergency room, things moved quickly: CT scans were ordered, crystal clear spinal fluid was drawn from my back. Eight hours later, I was told I was perfectly healthy.

United Kingdom: Church Spires to be Installed with 4G Antennas to Help Obliterate Blackspots

May God forgive these ignorant bishops and ministers of the Church for they know not what they do -

Church spires to be installed with 4G antennas to help obliterate blackspots
by Edward Malnick, The Telegraph, 18 February 2018

St. Giles Church in Great Maplestead, Essex.
Credit: Paul Grover for the Telegraph
Mobile providers are preparing to install antennas in church spires across the country, after ministers and bishops signed an agreement aimed at using the Church of England's buildings to help obliterate blackspots.

A new "accord" between the Government and the Church sets out a joint plan to improve "connectivity" in rural areas by making use of spires and towers, following the successful use of the structures to improve access to high-speed broadband in two dioceses.

The new agreement, signed by Matt Hancock, the Digital Secretary, and Dr David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester, following a summit in December, states that the Government and Church will work with both "mobile and broadband providers" to "help deliver improved connectivity".

17 February 2018

Rare Metals: "An Electric Vehicle Generates Nearly As Much Carbon As Diesel" - Interview with Guillaume Pitron

In a  rare metal mine in the Chinese province of Jiangxi,
October 2010.  Photo stringer.  Reuters.
Rare metals: « An electric vehicle generates nearly as much carbon as diesel »
by Marine Ernoultliberation.fr
1 February 2018  (translation)

Interview with Guillaume Pitron

In his latest work, « La Guerre des métaux rares » (The War of Rare Metals), Guillaume Pitron denounces the « hidden face of the energy and digital transition ». For the journalist, wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles are shifting pollution to the other side of the world.

Iridium, indium, platinum, rare earths: these metals with sometimes unknown names are essential for cutting-edge industries. Without them, no electric batteries for wind turbines, mobile phones or fiber optics. The journalist Guillaume Pitron is interested in the environmental and geopolitical consequences of extraction of these rare metals. On the occasion of the publication of his book “La Guerre des métaux rares” (The War of Rare Metals), he revisits six years of investigation in a dozen countries.

What are rare metals?

A Concerning New Study Links Miscarriages to Cellphone Radiation. How Worried Should We Be?

Good article on the Kaiser Permanente study.

A concerning new study links miscarriages to cellphone radiation. How worried should we be?
By Julia Belluz @juliaoftoronto julia.belluz@voxmedia.com, 15 February 2018

Non-ionizing radiation may have more of a biological effect than we thought.

(Photo): The vast majority of miscarriages are caused by genetic factors — but environmental factors are also believed to play a significant role. Getty Images

There’s emerging evidence that exposure to one type of radiation from cellphones and other devices might be linked to a major adverse health outcome in women: miscarriages.

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports found a strong link between higher levels of exposure to a type of radiation called magnetic field non-ionizing radiation and higher risk of miscarriage in a group of nearly 1,000 women living in the Bay Area of California.

Specifically, the researchers, from Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, found that a woman’s miscarriage risk rose from 10 percent to 24 percent as she was exposed to higher levels of magnetic field non-ionizing radiation.